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so here it is. my first ever ART GIVEAWAY!

i was going to wait til i hit 300 ( but ive been at 297 for a little while. so i don’t think its going anywhere any time soon and its not that far off 300. )

The prize:

A fully coloured digital piece of art of your choice. It can be Monster high, Ever After High ( that is what i mainly what i draw )

it can be other fandoms too like Pokemon, Sailor Moon maybe even a fandom im not part of ( or never heard of ) or just your Oc’s.

if you dont mind it being in my style that is.

The art will contain a single character up to 3/4 figure with optional simple bg.

How to Enter:

- you must be following me

- Must reblog to enter

- You can reblog as many times as you like, and liking it count as well. just don’t spam your poor followers homepage. xD


The giveaway will end on the 31st July so I’ll give you a full month to enter.

The winner will be drawn randomly and will be notified via note (so you need to have your ask box open). If you don’t reply to my note within a week I’ll pick another person at random.

You can see more of my art examples on my DA page.

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